Debate: Higher Education as a Common Good in the Era of the Sustainable Development Goals


In the ICDE Newsletter issued on 5 March, ICDE promoted an important debate initiated by UNESCO: “Higher education as a common good in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals” You can now read a summary from the debate, the main presentation by Simon Marginson, Professor for International Higher Education and Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education, and watch a recording of the live stream.

Link to the summary and live stream recording:

Excerpts from the Summary:

«Higher education systems in many countries have created opportunity hierarchies, with elite institutions at the top providing graduates with individual benefits in terms of careers and salaries, contributing to societal stratification. Marginson proposed an alternative to this model, whereby higher education is envisaged as a common good, providing equal opportunity for as many as possible in the interest of a more rights-based, egalitarian, and cohesive society. This does not necessarily mean that all higher education should be publicly provided, or publicly funded, but private institutions should be regulated to ensure they contribute to the public purpose of higher education.» 

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