ICDE COIL and Internationalization Services


ICDE is working in partnership with Jon Rubin, Director of COIL Consulting and founder and former director of the State University of New York COIL Center, to provide multi-layered support for COIL online activities. The initiative will include the development of a Community of Practice with quarterly presentations on critical topics, in addition to direct engagement with institutions wishing to ramp up and launch their own COIL initiatives.

Developing a COIL course means engaging another institution, working with international professors and lecturers, and sharing your classroom with another group of students far away. It also means understanding other approaches to teaching and learning and being responsive to them. It is at heart a bi-lateral engagement, a two-way street, all enabled by technology, but ultimately focused on enhancing human interaction across cultures.

Key Benefits

  • Team-taught learning environments where teachers from two cultures work together to develop a shared syllabus, emphasizing experiential and collaborative student learning

  • Teachers get new contextual meaning to the ideas and texts they explore, while providing students new venues in which to develop their cross-cultural awareness.

The progressive approach:

The Institutions interested in ICDE COIL and internalization services will be able to engage progressively at various levels of the initiative:


ICDE COIL Intake webinars: ICDE will organize webinars twice a year to inform on and attract interest for the ICDE COIL and internationalization services.

ICDE COIL INFO Exchange network: Institutions interested in COIL or already practicing it are invited to take part in the ICDE COIL INFO Exchange network. The purpose of the network is to facilitate a community of practices through expert interventions, practice sharing and knowledge exchange. The network will facilitate partnerships and prepare institutions willing to take the next step: ICDE COIL practitioners.

ICDE COIL practitioners: Members of the ICDE COIL INFO Exchange network planning to initiate or expand COIL practice can benefit from this customized service based on assessment. This service will be based on individual interviews to identify needs, respond to members questions and inform more about the practice.

COIL News:


Register for the COIL Network to take part in the INFO Exchange network. The fee to become member of the ICDE COIL network is a fixed fee of EUR 300 for ICDE institutional members and EUR 500 for non-members. Membership is limited to 1 year, without taking the step to ICDE COIL practitioners.

The fee is to be paid at the end of the registration form (Card/PayPal). Please contact icde@icde.org if you want to pay by wire transfer.