Calling authors and researchers for Insight Paper 1: Learning Analytics


The ICDE Research and Innovation Report (2015) recommended that ICDE develop a series of Insight papers that could reflect the emerging research and innovation issues that members were interested in. 

This first call to action seeks writers and researchers who can collaborate with ICDE to produce our very first Insight paper on Learning Analytics. The first Insight paper will be desk-top published and launched at the President’s Summit in Sydney, November 2016 and through various ICDE media channels. Upon completion authors may even wish to develop the Insight paper into a research article for the ICDE Praxis Journal or present the work at the International ICDE Conference in Toronto, Canada, 2017.

Insight papers are between 5-7,000 words long and written in an accessible language style for a wide audience. The audience could be both practitioners and leaders.

Authors and researchers should be considered by their peers as experts in the field and may not necessarily be ICDE members. The Insight paper will need to be founded on evidence and provide a synthesis of the current state of play with critical insights for various audiences.

A draft Insight paper is due by July 30th, 2016 and the final version by September 30th, 2016. Upon receipt of the final paper an honorarium will be due 450 Euro /500 US dollars.

Evaluation criteria:
- Relevance to the announced topic
- Actuality to the field of praxis
- Degree of new insight on the topic

The Insight paper will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence (CC BY-SA 4.0)

If you or someone you know is interested in undertaking this work please send an expression of interest of no more than 500 words stating your expertise, approach and confirm your ability to meet the stated deadlines plus a CV demonstrating your expertise in the field.

Enquiries of interest are due 25th April, 2016, and should be addressed by email to: