ICDE to establish Quality Network – we now invite institutions and associations to submit proposals for Focal Points on Quality


ICDE member institutions and associations are invited to propose candidates for Focal Points on Quality. The candidate should be well anchored within its own institutions’ quality work. A representative for the institutional senior management (Vice Chancellor, Quality Director etc.) is preferred. Recognized experts outside the senior management can also be nominated, then with a priority for participating in the regional task forces. 

The proposal must be submitted to the ICDE Secretariat by email to icde@icde.org, by 1 November 2016.

Quality online, open and flexible education is a main strategic priority for ICDE. The new Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning has made this priority even more topical and relevant for actions. Last year ICDE published the first global overview on quality models and one on Student success. In partnership with UNESCO, the Paris message was issued in June 2015, calling governments and international organisations for “initiatives for quality summits setting policy directions in the world regions.”

Now UNESCO has partnered up with ICDE, Commonwealth of Learning and INQAAHE for the initiative: International Conference on Quality Assurance: Achieving Sustainable Development through a diverse provision of Higher Education, to be held at UNESCO Head Quarter in Paris, June 2018. To prepare and mobilise for this comprehensive conference, 6 – 10 regional meetings will be organised in the period late 2016 – 2018. 

The UNESCO initiative will address higher education in broad through integrated subthemes such as online, open and flexible learning – hereunder MOOCs and OER, traditional learning, lifelong learning, the role of benchmarking, ranking and accreditation, QA agencies, internationalisation, research and mutual recognition.

To strengthen ICDE´s own work on quality – and to support, feed into and participate in the UNESCO led initiative, the ICDE Executive Committee decided to invite member institutions and associations to submit proposals on candidates for Focal Points on Quality, FPQ. 

The Quality Network
FPQ, covering those geographical areas foreseen to have regional meetings, will be appointed by the ICDE Executive Committee and constitute the ICDE Working Group for Quality. The Working Group will contribute and deliver into both the UNESCO conference and to ICDE’s own strategic work. Executive Committee member Alan Tait has been nominated as Chair for the Working Group by the ICDE Executive Committee.  

Among the candidates for FPQ, members of regional task forces will be appointed to support the ICDE work on quality and to relate to the regional meetings organised by UNESCO and partners. The appointed FPQ’s are expected to lead his/her regional task forces.

The network is foreseen to function for 2 years until end 2018.

Proposal structure

  • Provide complete contact details for the candidate

  • Describe why the institution wishes to propose a Focal Point for Quality, how the person can contribute and how it aligns with this institution’s (or association´s) quality work

  • Briefly document the candidate’s qualifications.

  • The proposal must be signed by the head of the institution or association, e.g. Vice Chancellor, Rector, President etc.

  • The proposal should not exceed 4 pages

The ICDE Executive Committee will by end November 2016 appoint the Focal Points on Quality and mandate the ICDE Working Group for Quality for a 2-years period until end 2018.
The regional task forces are foreseen to be established soon after the appointment of the ICDE Working Group.

Deadline and supporting documents
Members interested to submit proposals should write to icde@icde.org and request supporting documents (concept note for the UNESCO led Quality Conference).
The proposal must be submitted to the ICDE Secretariat by email to icde@icde.org, by 1 November 2016.

Enquiries should be addressed to Torunn Gjelsvik, Senior Advisor at ICDE, and sent by email to icde@icde.org.