9th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning


ICDE member, The Hellenic Open University and the Hellenic Network for Open and Distance Learning invite you to the 9th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning that will take place in Athens from the 23rd to the 26th of November 2017.

This year’s topic is “Learning Design” and the over one hundred participants will address issues of developing instructional material, encouraging innovative educational applications in ODL and ITC, identifying key themes in current research and open access as well as achieving social inclusion and equality though distance learning and cutting-edge learning design.

The highlights of the Conference are the two keynotes speeches to be delivered by Alan Tait, Emeritus Professor of Distance Education and Development at the Open University, UK & Director of International Development and Teacher Education, entitled “Open Universities: the next phase of innovation” Secretary General for the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), entitled “Transform and innovate Higher Education for sustainable development”.

In the presentation to be given by Alan Tait, delegates can look forward to hearing about some of the recent key shifts that has seen digital education in the form of open educational resources and MOOCs in a phase of rapid innovation, much of which has happened outside the open universities. This has seen a range of responses from open universities, including a resentful recognition that innovation in learning is talking place, in significant part, elsewhere. This leads to asking how open universities maintain their revolutionary stance in expanding opportunity and changing undersea signs of pedagogy and quality, or if they are threatened with being superseded by more recent entrants to digital education. 

This year the conference is held in anniversary of the 20 years after the establishmenr of the Hellenic Open University and includes the commemoration of esteemed professors and social agents that have contributed to its creation and development.


The presentation from the ICDE Secretary General is now available on SlideShare here

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