ICDE World Conference Update – 10th September


Digital delights await you in Dublin!


But a number of divides, dangers and dilemmas will also be served up during this year’s ICDE World Conference as we look to deliver on the overarching theme of “transforming lives and societies”.

We hope you will join us in Ireland in November to help shape the development of the Dublin Declaration on the future of online education. Places are filling quickly but there is still time to register.

If you have already registered and will be contributing a paper, then watch your email in the next few days for our Presenter Guidelines. Our guidelines provide useful tips, helpful suggestions and important instructions on the design, submission and presentation of your paper. Also please note our first webinar for contributors is scheduled for 10:00am GMT on Friday 20th September. This webinar will help to explain the guidelines, offer further suggestions on preparing your paper and answer any questions you may have about the conference.

You can login to participate in the webinar at the following link:


As you can imagine with a total of almost 700 paper submissions the conference team is currently busy assigning presentations to the various themed breakout sessions. This is not an easy task with 10 parallel tracks running over 4-days, especially as some authors have specific requests and others have yet to confirm their registration as they await news of their Visa or funding application. We appreciate your patience in waiting for a more detailed conference programme showing papers assigned to individual breakout sessions. This information should be available by the time of our next conference newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters, if you have not already done so, make sure you read all the background information and valuable tips about the Dublin event contained in last week’s Conference Newsletter. Keep an eye out for next week’s edition with further information as we countdown to November and the ICDE World Conference in Dublin. Also remember to follow the World Conference Twitter account for more just in time updates: @WCOL2019