The challenges of innovation in health, Conference in Natal


At the end of October, Natal will become the world capital of innovation in health. Some of the main names of the area will be gathered in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte to participate in the II International Conference on Innovation in Health, promoted by the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health - LAIS / UFRN.

The Conference will take place between October 30th and November 1st at the Holiday-inn Hotel. The event will be attended by representatives of world's leading research institutions, such as the School of Public Health at Harvard University , the University of Lorraine (France), the Open University of Portugal (Portugal) and the University of Athabasca (Canada).

 Representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Pan American Health  Organization, the Brazilian Association of the Medical, Dental and   Hospital industry and Laboratory Articles and Equipment) will also join the Conference will join the  discussions the main theme of the Conference, which is "Innovation in Health: The challenges for Developing Countries." The organization committee expects to bring together more than 600 people.

 During the three days of the event, there will be lectures, round tables named “Coffee with innovation”, satellite symposia and a workshop.

One of  the Main Lectures to be delivered during the conference will be "Innovation in Education Mediated by Technology: what is happening throughout the world.," delivered by  Marci Powell, and coordinator of the Virtually Inspired Project. During her speech, Powell will share some of her experiences with best practices in distance and digital learning and technology innovation in lifelong education.

Also confirmed are the names of the president of the Ethos Institute for Social Responsibility, Caio Magri, and the science editor of "O Público", a Portuguese news portal, Thereza Firmino.

During the Conference there will also be two Satellite Symposia on Syphilis and Neglected Diseases and a Workshop on Open Educational Resources and Health Curation which will be facilitated by Professor Constance Blongren from Athabasca University.

Pre-Conference activities

Before even officially starting, the II International Conference on Innovation in Health will have a very intense agenda. On the 29th it is scheduled the 1st Seminar on Sharing and Evaluation of Supporters for Research and Intervention in the Project "Sífilis Não" ". On the 30th, during all day and before the official opening, there will be two the Satellite Symposia:  " Research and Innovation in the EBSERH Network: Perspectives and Challenges " and "Learning Analytics and Knowledge Management”, as well as presentations of approved oral papers by the scientific committee of the event.

 The registrations are still open on the event's website, which can be accessed at: