University for Refugees: Education without boundaries portal to be presented at 2016 EADTU "The online, open, and flexible higher education conference" 


On the occasion of the 2016 EADTU "The online, open, and flexible higher education conference" the portal “UNIVERSITY FOR REFUGEES. EDUCATION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES” ( will be presented.

It is the first telematic portal worldwide (in English, French, Italian and Arabic) allowing immigrants and refugees to have the study qualifications and skills acquired in their countries of origin be recognized and be enrolled in one of the 25 degree courses of UNINETTUNO University; free access to Italian and Arab language courses; access to healthcare services by means of system based on telemedicine.

UNINETTUNO has also made available 50 scholarships for students with status of people entitled to International protection. The 50 beneficiaries will be able to enroll, for free, in one of UNINETTUNO degree courses and earn an International study title. The aim is that of promoting and supporting the academic path of immigrants with status of refugees and contribute to their professional inclusion into the hosting country. Thanks to this initiative and to the strength of our network, by now a number of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and in Germany are UNINETTUNO students.

The agreement is open to all the universities from ICDE and EADTU. It is a concrete and pragmatic step for a strong cooperation between traditional and technological universities that share same values regarding the democratization to access the knowledge, the ‘universality’ of the education as a tool of peace and dialogue between cultures and in order to offer to the global students new opportunities of study and new model of teaching. A step forward for the application of new models of teaching and learning that probably will disrupt the traditional approach to education.

NewsRita Chan