Nora Lizenberg

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I have been an ICDE individual member since 2012, and have attended two World Conferences in Online Learning up to now: in Tianjin (2013) and in Toronto (2017).

I have worked in the field of online and distance learning since 1999. 

I have worked as a consultant for several international agencies (OMEP - Organisation for Early Childhood Education and Care,  CIPDH-UNESCO - International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights, International Institute of Public Policies and Human Rights MERCOSUR, Save the Children, AIPR-Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation -

As  an assistant professor, I have worked for Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Spain), National Technological University, Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Universidad Virtual de Tres de Febrero (Argentina)

I was the former Technical Secretary at the Virtual Training Program for Researchers at National Technological  University in Argentina, Director of Studies at Teacher and Translator College CIBADIST – Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires, and Dean at Buenos Aires Comunicación TV and Cinema School.

I was assistant editor for RED – Revista de Educación a Distancia for 13 years.

At present, I work as a professor at Instituto Superior de Profesorado “Dr. Joaquin V. Gonzalez” and Universidad Abierta Interamericana and as a consultant at the Secretariat of Educational Evaluation at the Ministry of Education in Argentina.

I hold a Master degree in Open and Distance Education and Learning (UNED-Spain), and a Licenciate in Educational Technology (National Technological University – Argentina). I am a Master candidate for the Master degree in Educational Processes Mediated by Technology (National University of Cordoba - Argentina), and a PhD student for the PhD degree in Higher Education (Universidad de Palermo – Argentina), doing my research in the field of online learning.

Vision for ICDE:

I would like to join the ICDE Executive Committee as an individual member to advocate for a better representation of Latin America in the use and research of online learning in the pursue of UN-SDG4.

I am particularly interested in involving major stakeholders into positive actions towards quality online learning through public policies and regulations, enabling students’ success through inclusive online practices and promoting ethical uses of new technologies.

I would also like to help towards a more balanced and decolonised internationalization of online learning that promotes global collaboration and understanding among different cultures, languages, identities and experiences.