Mette Villand

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1999-2004: Master of Education (with honors) Charles Sturt University, Australia

1996-1997: Education and Contemporary Society, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Norway

1992-1993: Education, basic study/course, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Norway

1990-1992: Travel and Tourism, 3 year study, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Norway

2004-2019: Head of Department, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Norway

1995-2004: Project manager, Centre for Continuing Education, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Norway within the fields of Media Pedagogics, Pedagogics and SchooL Development

1993-1995 Tourism Officer, Ringsaker District, Norway

1992-1993: Tourism Adviser, Hol District, Norway

2017-2019: Head of the Organising Committee “ICDE-Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Summit.


Vision for ICDE:

My commitment to open and distance learning focused on how we can apply flexible learning and digital structured education to enhance competence for all; independent backgrounds, genders and access to education in their home country.

I am also concerned about how working life can get good structured training, relevant and who develops the work practice of the individual. The fact that working life gets good organized learning from education sector will increase competitiveness and innovation. The contact between education and working life need to be permanent and cooperative.

At the ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Summit in February 2019, a Roadmap was formulated which I believe is an international strategic map for further development and politics in lifelong learning.

The road map is a set of recommendations to achieve lifelong learning for lifelong employability. It is based on the recognition of the need for continuous adaptation and acquirement of new skills as decisive factors for developing an inclusive and sustainable working life for us as individuals, as a society and globally as a community. Further, the road map is a contribution to protect human dignity at work and the UN sustainable Development Goal 4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.”