Jan-Atle Toska


Board of Trustees Vice Chair

Jan-Atle Toska has broad experience from international organisations and other forms of international collaboration, such as European Union projects. He has also been a member of various advisory boards and committees in Norwegian higher education.

Jan Atle Toska was born in 1955 in Bergen, Norway. He studied Humanities (History and Linguistics) at The University of Bergen, where he received a Cand.Phil. degree in 1984. He also has a Master of Public Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Toska has spent his whole career at different levels of the Norwegian higher education sector. He was a research fellow at The University of Oslo from 1986-88, and worked as an advisor in The Ministry of Education (Department of Higher Education) from 1989-1995. From 1995-2007 he was the director of Norwegian agencies for Open and Distance Learning in Higher Education. From 2007 Toska has been the Director of Academic Affairs at the institution of higher education that today is Nord University, a nine-campus university in the counties of Nordland and Trondelag.