Bikash Sharma

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Dr. Bikash Sharma is a management professional with over 20 years of experience in the Education, Management, Human Resources and IT Enabled Services domain

Dr. Sharma is currently the President and Founder Trustee of International Academic and Management Association (IAMA) which was established with his efforts in the year 2013. Since his early working days, Dr. Sharma had a keen inclination towards education and wanted to do something which would make education more practical, dynamic, boundary less and affordable for all. His dream became a reality with IAMA. Today, IAMA under his stewardship, has its footprints in over 43 countries offering its services to nearly 150 educational institutions, benefitting thousands of students globally

Additionally, Dr. Sharma is also the CEO of iDeliver Services, an IT and IT Enabled Services organization which he set-up in the year 2005. The organization offers B2B IT and IT Enabled Services to its clients with the motto of “delivering service with quality on time every time”

Dr. Sharma is also on the Board of Advisors of several educational institutions globally including POMA International Business University (Worldwide), Oxford University of Namibia, CEPRES International University, etc to name a few.

He is also the Advisor to the Jury Council of AsiaOne Magazine which is a leading B2B magazine with circulation in 10 countries across South East Asia and GCC

Considering his role as a global change agent in the field of education, Dr. Sharma has been appointed as the Co-Chair of the Center for Education Sustainability Board located in the USA

Dr. Sharma is also a Trustee with Earth Quotient, a pressure group working on issues related to the environment and the voiceless

He is also an Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Liberia, working closely with the government on issues related to Food Security, Agriculture Technology and Education.

Dr. Sharma also has excellent academic credentials having done his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He has been a University Topper and Gold Medallist.

Vision for ICDE:

If elected, my priorities for ICDE would include the following:

  • Increasing the membership base of ICDE, institutional, individual as well as students. The advantage that I carry is that the organization that I currently head works with almost 200 institutions across the globe, many of which are into distance/online education but not a member of ICDE yet. Additionally, I am closely connected to the student community in many African countries and would use my network in enhancing the student membership base as well since an increased student base becomes a major attraction for the institutions. Also, I am very well networked on the social media including LinkedIn (26000+ connections) and Facebook (approx 3000 connections). The social media reach that I have would further help in increasing the individual memberships

  • Work towards recognition of ICDE by regulatory bodies of the various countries which again is important if we are looking to expand and increase our membership base

  • My observation has been that a lot of the institutional members of ICDE are either not very active or are unable to use the ICDE pitch for the promotion and growth of their institution. I would like to introduce services for the institutional members including facilitation of global collaborations, marketing etc which would help their growth making ICDE an attractive preposition for them and thus helping in member retention

  • I would like to introduce additional services within the scope of ICDE including Quality Accreditation and Certification, Student Services & Counselling, Industry Academia Interface, Research & Publications, etc to name a few • I would also focus on increasing the frequency of the ICDE conferences and regional conferences other that the international ones. This would help increase the reach of ICDE. Also under my agenda would be the launch of ICDE Education Excellence Awards.