Roadmaps for Open Education Leadership at the OEB18, Berlin, Germany


Takeaways, from the Open Education Leadership Summit, Paris 3-4 December 2018

The Symposium gathered a global audience with some 40 delegates

The Symposium gathered a global audience with some 40 delegates

The International Council for Open and Distance Education(ICDE), Open Education Consortium (OEC) and The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, MESRI, and the Ministry of National Education and Youth, MENJ, of France hosted a Symposium during the OEB18, Berlin on December 6, 2018, entitled  Roadmaps for Open Education Leadership.

Several of us who participated at the OELS18 in Paris presented on lessons learned from the OELS18 at the OEB18 Symposium. I had the pleasure and honor to present on behalf of ICDE. From the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Ebba Ossiannilsson, Mark Brown, and Paul Bacsich shared their views and comments from OELS18.


The Open Education Leadership Summit (OELS18) in Paris, brought together open education leaders from around the world to document open education initiatives and combine them in coordinated and collaborative ways. The OELS18 gathered over 200 participants from 55 countries all over the world. The overall background for the OELS18 was:

As open education goes mainstream there are growing opportunities for open education leaders to strategically join forces to leverage the unique opportunities open education brings

The OELS18 hosts, goals, and on participants

Development of roadmaps for existing local open education initiatives was used as a means to document what is currently happening. Those roadmaps were then used to build regional and global roadmaps that combine efforts in coordinated and collaborative ways. The issues to discuss was on Open Assets, People and Community, Operations and Sustainability and Benefits and Value Propositions. In addition, the questions What I Can Give, and What I Can Receive were addressed.


Work in progress with the roadmaps at OELS18

The OEB18 took place in Berlin, Germany  5-7 December 2018. The theme this year was DIVERSE, COLLABORATE, TRANSFORM. OEB18 brought participants to the forefront of learning and technology developments, giving new insights on opportunities and challenges that are changing the world of learning. The latest best practice from leading organizations was presented, and allowed participants to meet, discuss and network with policymakers, higher education leaders, chief learning officers, technology and learning experts, learning and development professionals, change managers, ICT administrators, online learning curriculum designers and many many more. The OEB18 had a unique, cross-sector focus, fostering exchange between the corporate, education and public service sectors. In short 2,000+ international learning professionals from over 80 countries, brought together their expertise and experiences, about 100+ exhibitors, ranging from established global learning and technology market leaders to emerging EdTech start-ups, and some 100+ sessions in various formats: hands-on workshops, plenaries, symposium, interactive breakout sessions, discussions and debates, labs, demos and performances.

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