The World Conference on Online Learning: Teaching in The Digital Age – Re-Thinking Teaching & Learning 



Host: Contact Nord

The 27th ICDE World Conference was hosted by Contact North, in Toronto, Canada October 16-19, 2017.



Four fruitful and fast-paced days of learning, sharing, discussion, debate and spirited conversation by an exceptional group of delegates from all over the world shaping a new understanding of the power and potential as well as the various challenges of online learning.

Hundreds of examples of new practices in pedagogy and technology, insightful research to guide development, and institutional models to better support learner retention and success featured in interactive sessions:

  • Enriched thinking about design and assessment of learning opportunities, stressing student accessibility and success

  • Personal learning pathways, e-portfolios, peer training and assessment, and competency-based learning

  • New approaches to student engagement and involvement in co-creation of content and learning

  • Student support and skills integrated into content and assessment practices

  • Institutional requirements for quality assurance, learning analytics, financial viability, collaboration, and reaching new learners

  • The capacities of OERs, MOOCs and multiple media to increase access, reduce cost, and accelerate design

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine intelligence for development of content, assessment and student engagement

  • Considerations of statistics revealing the current state, enrolments, gaps and achievements of online learning, with particular attention to the results of a new Canadian study

  • New institutional models for openness, flexibility and international collaboration

  • Approaches to faculty development that reflect their evolving roles in teaching and learning

  • Strong commitments to collaboration, co-operation and alliance building

Presentations from 150+ sessions are now available on the conference portal at:

An Impressive Array of Recognized Industry Vendors that are Supporting the Conference as Sponsors and Exhibitors offering Next-Generation Innovation, New Educational Technologies, Latest Online Learning Platforms, Software, and Solutions.

Themes and Tracks

The program for the World Conference on Online Learning integrates concepts such as applications of technology, quality assurance, and presentations of new applications and models as central components of the conference.

Five tracks highlight the key areas in which the Conference seeks to explore:

  1. Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for Online Learning

  2. Expanding Access, Openness and Flexibility

  3. Changing Models of Assessment

  4. New Delivery Tools and Resources for Learning

  5. Re-designed Institutional Business Models

Throughout the three days of this World Conference, participates focused on discussions, breakthrough technology showcases, interactive panel presentations, innovation labs, research sharing, hands-on demonstrations, ideas exchanges, presentations of academic papers, as well as plenaries featuring world-renowned experts.

To discover best practices from around the world, participants found out about transformative developments and new trends, tackle cutting edge topics, exchange with international colleagues, and dialogue with provocative thinkers in the world of online, open and flexible learning all focused on Re-thinking Teaching & Learning in the context of Teaching in a Digital Age.

Abstracts and Presentations

The World Conference on Online Learning, organized and hosted by Contact North | Contact Nord, from October 16 – 19, 2017, in Toronto, Canada featured some 150 plenaries, concurrent sessions, concurrent workshops, panel discussions, special briefings and poster presentations over a 4-day period presented by some 500 presenters.

For the benefit of the 1,400+ delegates attending the World Conference on Online Learning and the broader online learning community, Contact North | Contact Nord is publishing this summary document of the presentations, including links to the Abstract submitted, as well as the PowerPoint presentations for each of the sessions. In some cases, the PowerPoint presentations are not available at the request of the presenters.

There are two versions of the PDF file available:

  1. Version 1 – Sorted alphabetically by Presentation Title

  2. Version 2 – Sorted alphabetically by Track and then alphabetically by Presentation Title

Version 1 – World Conference on Online Learning Abstracts and Presentations (sorted by Presentation Title)

Version 2 – World Conference on Online Learning Abstracts and Presentations (sorted by Track and then by Presentation Title)

Sessions and Schedule

A daily breakdown of sessions and schedule is available below. Click on the date for the day you would like to view the schedule for.

Monday, October 16, 2017
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Thursday, October 19, 2017