ICDE Presidents' Summit (27-30 November 2013, Lisbon, Portugal)




Host: Universidade Aberta in collaboration with the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN)

The Presidents' Summit 2013 was hosted by Universidade Aberta in collaboration with the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN) in Lisbon, Portugal from 27-30 November 2013.

This unique event tackled the issue of leadership in a time of openness. SCOP 2013 aims to provide an opportunity to discuss the role of the institutional management in the fast-changing higher education environment. The meeting will discuss sustainable visions, innovative strategies and creative business models to meet the challenges. Participating presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors will have the opportunity to meet with peers from around the world in a confidential, in-camera setting, to exchange views, in the dedicated presidents' meeting.



The meeting tackled the issue of leadership for change in a time of openness.

The programme included 3 expert keynote speakers, an Innovative Leadership Workshop, and the ICDE Policy Forum co-organized with UNESCO.

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Key Themes

  • Opening up education. The European Commission will present its new initiative for Europe, and the importance of leadership for change. How can regions and governments in other parts of the world be inspired by the European example?

  • 20 years past the first SCOP: What has changed and how have evolved institutional leadership in the ODL world? What are the challenges ahead for the next 20 years?

  • Institutional change in a time of disruptive innovation.

  • A case-study of the Universidade Aberta, Portugal.

  • Hands-on innovative leadership in open, distance and online education.

  • Opening up universities: institutional change to meet societal needs and challenges. What is the change agenda in Africa?

  • The introduction of open and online education is facilitating a change agenda for more sustainable quality education (and research) to lower costs. What issues are on the change agenda in the different regions of the world? And how does top-management face the change agenda in their region? Are there joint lessons to be drawn?

  • On a policy level, what are the key issues for government and in the shared arena for governments and senior management in higher education?

  • What is the role of global and regional associations in the new open, distance and e-learning scenario?

  • Raising public awareness on open, distance and e-learning social relevance: what are the issues? And what global/regional actions should be taken?

Keynote Speakers

  • Pierre Mairesse - Director, Directorate General Education and Culture at the European Commission will speak on the Commission's new Opening Up Education initiative.

  • Tony Bates - President and CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd, a private company specializing in consultancy and training in the planning and management of e-learning and distance education on the challenges for ODl in the next 20 years.

  • Bakary Diallo - Rector of the African Virtual University (AVU), an intergovernmental organization specializing in Open Distance and E-Learning on institutional change to meet societal needs and challenges



ICDE Policy Forum co-organized with UNESCO


The ICDE Policy Forum was co-organized with UNESCO within the SCOP programme on the theme of Directions and challenges when post secondary education moves into the MOOCs phenomena, open and digital learning.

Organizations and key stakeholders gave short presentations on the most burning issues that needed to be addressed, and the Policy Forum seeked to identify a possible joint agenda for change, among the different stakeholders.

Conference Proceedings:

At this time, conference proceedings are currently unavailable.