SCOP 1996, 10-12 June, Lillehammer, Norway




Through ICDE SCOP, ICDE provides the global mechanism for cooperation, sharing of resources and expertise, academic mobility, strategy development, capacity building and advocacy activities in open and distance learning.

ICDE is the global membership organisation of open and distance learning institutions, corporations, and governmental agencies active in the field of open and distance learning. ICDE  is also the world federation of national and regional associations of open and distance teaching institutions. Through this membership and partnership structure, more than 7600  institutions in 118 countries are represented in the ICDE.

Globalization and open and distance learning are central themes in today's developments in the education sector as a whole. We are in a phase right now when open and distance learning and conventional education is merging. We are  on our way toward a new educational paradigm of the information age. In this process, open and distance learning is moving from the periphery to the centre of the education systems of the world. For instance, conventional universities are now a strong force in the membership base of ICDE, this was not the case only a few years ago.



Host: Lillehammer College, Centre for Continuing Education

The ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (ICDE SCOP) meeting was held in Lillehammer, Norway, 10-12 June 1996.

The ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents of open and distance learning institutions (ICDE SCOP) is the most important world forum for international co-operation in the field of open and distance learning among and between educational institutions, organisations and corporations. In ICDE SCOP, chief executive officers of educational institutions, systems and departments participate.

The 1996 SCOP meeting will also be a forum for discussions and partnership development between the corporate sector and the ICDE SCOP. The time has come to bring open distance education institutions and corporations together in a joint meeting place for collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources. This meeting of ICDE SCOP aims at doing that. We have firm commitments from several Vice Presidents of large multi-national corporations to participate in the SCOP meeting in Lillehammer. The roundtable discussion on 12 June, aims at establishing a more permanent forum within ICDE for collaboration between the world of open learning /distance education and the corporate world.

Programme outline


Programme Committee

The conference theme is «Collaboration in  FLEXIBLE EDUCATION between the education and corporate sectors».

We have set two objectives for the SCOP conference;

  1. to further develop collaboration between and among across participating institutions, nations and cultures.

  2. to develop a dialogue between participating institutions and industry, to establish future    strategies in the field of life long learning.

To reach this objective we have invited leading institutions and companies.

Keynote speakers

The conference starts with a few keynote speakers that open the topics for the conference and set the conference agenda. One of the invited speakers are the Director of the Nobel Peace Price Institute Mr. Frances Seyerstedt.

Parallel sessions

The conference will has five parallel sessions, with the themes for the ICDE SCOP task forces. The sessions will each have one

introduction to the theme. The sessions will then be split up in two workshops with round-table conferences.

  • The session Paradigm Shift in Higher Education will focus on background of the changing learning paradigms and the convergence of distance education with classroom education, analyse the consequences for the development of the universities and its employees.

  • The Educational Technology- and Transfer of Credits sessions will have the same focus.

  • The Didactics session will to analyse the pedagogical and didactical consequences of the paradigm shift in higher education, new technology and transfer of credits.

  • The Open School session

 Plenary 1

The delegates will then gather for a plenary presentation from each workshop group. On background of what has been presented, the panel of presidents will make a syntheses and form the new SCOP approaches for the next day workshops.

Parallel sessions

The aim will be to establish collaboration between institutions across countries. On background of the new SCOP approaches we want leaders to establish new groups. These should be based on institutional interest for collaborations concerning specific course developing projects on all levels. It will also be time for individual meetings outside the program.

Plenary 2

The second day program ends with plenary presentations from the workshops.

Round Table Conference

The final day will be concentrating on a Round Table Conference. With the earlier discussions as a background, the delegates will discuss the future collaboration between industry and the educational sector. By strengthening the connection between the two parts, we want to make life long learning a common strategy for industry.

Joint NUCEA-ICDE Preconference “Towards Transnational Certification”


ICDE in cooperation with the National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA) is planning to organize a one-day seminar prior to the annual meeting of SCOP, that is on Sunday 9th June 1996. in Lillehammer

Venue: Lillehammer Hotel, in Lillehammer, Norway.