SCOP 2006, 11-13 June, 2006, Lillehammer, Norway

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The ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents, Rectors, and Chief Executive Officers (SCOP) took place in the Olympic city of Lillehammer, Norway; 11-13 June 2006. Lillehammer University College is the host of the conference; it will then be 10 years since they arranged their first SCOP meeting in 1996.

SCOP Lillehammer will give you a unique opportunity for deep discussion, sharing of expertise, networking and building cooperation with university leaders worldwide, in a unique peer to peer atmosphere.

Conference Theme: Borderless University Teaching – Cooperation and Competition

ICT- based learning and teaching across borders is positioning itself at the centre of the international education scene. Universities worldwide experience a stronger need for collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise, and at the same time are facing tough competition from old and new actors and emerging conflicts. This SCOP meeting will focus on different aspects of cooperation as well as competition/conflicts arising from export and import of university teaching, by highlighting relevant aspects such as culture, religion and economy.

Keynote speakers

We are fortunate to have an extensive list of excellent speakers at this year’s meeting: High Officials from UNESCO as well as University Presidents and CEOs from leading institutions in USA, the European Union, Asia and the host country:

  • Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information Sector Dr. Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO

  • President Susan C. Aldridge, University of Maryland University College

  • Rector Professor Helmut Hoyer, FernUniversität in Hagen

  • Rector M. Atwi Supraman, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia

  • Professor Dr. David Sewart, winner of the ICDE Prize of Excellence for Life Long Contribution to Open Distance Education (2004)

  • Vice-Chancellor Brenda Gourley, Open University, UK

  • Executive Director Sally M. Johnstone, WCET, USA

  • Provost Nicholas H. Allen, University of Maryland University College

  • Director Jan Atle Toska and President Jan Olav Fretland, Norway Opening Universities

  • Programme Specialist in distance education and activities of the IIEP Virtual Institute Susan d’ Antoni, International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) UNESCO

  • Lecturer Henrik Hansson, Multimedia Education Technology, Department of Education, Stockholm University

  • Mrs Vigdis Moe Skarstein, National Librarian at the Norwegian National Library


Opening Speech