SCOP 2005, 19 - 21 June 2005, Cologne, Germany





The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) has been organizing meetings of its Standing Conference of Presidents of Open and Distance Learning Institutions (SCOP) since 1993. The next SCOP meeting will take place from 19 to 21 June 2005 at the Maritim Hotel and Congress Center in Cologne, Germany.


The theme of the SCOP 2005 COLOGNE meeting

"Universities in the Digital World: Potentials and Challenges for Innovation"

will be developed under various viewpoints by high ranking representatives from politics, economy and education around the world and will be discussed by invited Principals and Chief Executive Officers of renown universities from all over the world.


SCOP 2005 COLOGNE is a meeting of invited policy-level decision makers from ICDE member universities and outside, organized as a workshop for principals on items of relevance in the field of flexible, open, distance and "e-" learning and teaching:

o     SCOP 2005 COLOGNE will provide a unique global forum for exchange on the current situation and the further development and perspectives of open and distance teaching universities in the global Information Technology Society.

o     SCOP 2005 COLOGNE will offer confidential insight-presentations and opportunities for benchmarking as well as open discussions on barriers and constraints, potentials and visions in the field.

o     In addition, SCOP 2005 COLOGNE will allow for exploring partnerships and strategic cooperation with other ICDE institutional members from all over the world.

Furthermore, social events, partner programme and sightseeing offers as well as pre- and post-conference proposals are under preparation.



The Rektor of FernUniversität in Hagen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Hoyer, is the host and the academic chair of the SCOP 2005 COLOGNE meeting. The FernUniversität, celebrating its 30th anniversary, is Germany's only distance teaching university, acting both nationally and internationally and having gained worldwide reputation.                                                                                                                   


Cologne, Germany's oldest city and a cosmopolitan metropolis at the very heart of Europe, is famous for its gothic cathedral and all its innumerable cultural and historical treasures and museums, its active art scene, its universities and academies, its media stations and companies, its pubs and restaurants, and its warm and open atmosphere.                                                                                                                        


The Maritim Hotel Cologne with its state-of-the-art congress centre is located on the banks of the Rhine within walking distance of the old city.                                                           


ICDE, the International Council for Open and Distance Education, is the global organisation for online, flexible and blended learning, deriving its position from:

o  the unique knowledge and experience of its members throughout the world,

o  the development and use of new methodologies and emerging technologies,

o  its official status within UNESCO as the NGO with formal consultative relations.

Through its members ICDE is leading and shaping the future of education worldwide.




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