SCOP 2000, 13-15 August 2000, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Host: University of Sao Paulo


The 2000 Annual Meeting of the ICDE Standing Conference of President’s took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13-15 August 2000. This meeting of ICDE SCOP is hosted by the University of Sao Paulo.

The main theme for the meeting of the ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) in Sao Paulo was: Distance education and virtual learning in the global context – building university partnerships.

SCOP is a closed meeting for presidents and CEO’s of distance learning systems and organisations.

The main theme focuses on opportunities to work successfully in the global market place. It focuses on developing interaction public – private universities, and partly on how they can prepare themselves to compete successfully with the corporate universities. 

At the 2000 SCOP meeting, five university presidents from around the world will give an inside overview of their institutions, their problems, strategies and strategies. This will be part of a conversation among the participants at the SCOP meeting on institutional collaboration and partnerships. To collaborate you must understand you partner’s situation.

The presentations at the meeting will be given by:

  • Molly Corbett Broad, President, University of North Carolina, United States

  • Peter Swannell, Vice Chancellor, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

  • Helmut Hoyer, Rector, Fernuniversitat, Germany

  • Rafael Rangel Sostmann, President, Monterrey Institute of Technology University System, Mexico

  • Abdul Khan, Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

They will introduce their universities and talk about what is important to their universities and what they are looking for in partnerships with other universities. This is to develop an understanding of the experience, resources and also the needs among universities represented at the meeting.

About SCOP


SCOP was established in 1993  as a unique forum for the Principals and Chief Executive Officers of ICDE member institutions (*). Participation in ICDE SCOP is by invitation only to institutional members of ICDE. Through its annual meetings and  working programs, SCOP offers  unique opportunities for access to the latest developments and trends in distance and web-based teaching institutions around the world in areas such as policy, strategy, technology, innovations, management, quality assurance, and  market approach.

SCOP is a closed forum of policy level decision-makers of ICDE member institutions for exchange of information, sharing of expertise, building cooperation, and establishing advocacy activities. It gives unique access to trans-national and global views, and to invaluable  and detailed information about policy, strategic thinking and development in distance teaching around the world. It offers strong opportunities for exploring partnerships and strategic cooperation with other ICDE institutional members from all over the world. It also offers opportunities to participate in setting the international priorities and agenda for the future of distance learning.

Institutions from more than 130 countries are members of ICDE.

There are three categories of institutional membership in ICDE:

                A - Educational institutions

                B - Educational authorities and agencies

                C - Corporations