ICDE offers free membership to students pursuing a graduate degree whose research relates to online, open, flexible, or technology-enhanced education. To qualify for this membership, the applicant must be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program at an accredited higher education institution, and must be engaged in research in the field of education. Click below to apply now:


As a student member of ICDE, you gain access to:

ICDE Services
• Participation in the Doctoral Student Symposium at the 2019 World Conference in Dublin
• Dissemination of research at ICDE conferences
• Opportunities for networking at ICDE events
• Publication opportunities through the ICDE Open Praxis Journal
• Join the exclusive ICDE Student Members Network on LinkedIn
• Publication features on ICDE's Facebook, LinkedIn, and newsletters
• Possibility of conference travel grants
• Nomination to ICDE prizes

Application Timeline


Step 1: Fill Out the Application Form (Time Estimate: 5min)

Applications are accepted year-round but reviewed from the 1st through the 20th of every month. Only complete applications are reviewed. Keep in mind to:

  • Provide an institutional email address and not a personal email address

  • Demonstrate a connection between your research and ICDE’s mission in the field of online, open, distance, and technology-enhanced education.

    Only students who study and/or conduct research in a field related to ICDE’s mission are eligible for the free student membership.



Step 2: Pay the Application Fee (Time Estimate: 5min)

After submitting your application, you will be asked to pay a 25 EUR application fee. You can pay the application fee with a debit card, credit card, or via a PayPal account. Applications are processed upon receipt of the application fee payment.


Application Process (1).png

Step 3: Email Proof of Enrollment to the ICDE Secretariat (Time Estimate: 1 day)

After paying the application fee, you are expected to email proof of enrollment in a master’s or doctorate program no more than 24 hours after submitting the online application. We seek the following information:

  • An official admission’s letter or equivalent from your institution, which includes official letterhead and signature

  • Details about the start and end dates of the program, which will determine the length of your membership

    It is important to use the same email address provided on your application when emailing the Secretariat so we can match it to your application



Step 4: Secretariat Application Review (Time Estimate: 1 Week)

The Secretariat reviews all online applications and selects eligible candidates for membership. If needed, the Secretariat requests further documentation regarding enrollment status.



Step 5: Receive Welcome Letter (Time Estimate: 1 week)

The Secretariat emails newly accepted members an official Welcome Letter
outlining major membership benefits and services as well as general guidelines,
such as the duration of the free membership.