ICDE Activity Plan 2018-2019

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Introduction to the ICDE activity plan 2018 - 2019

Founded in 1938, the International Council for Open and Distance Education
(ICDE) is funded by a grant from the Government of Norway, other donations
and membership fees. Its Secretariat is located in Oslo, and operates under
Norwegian law.

ICDE has members from all regions of the world, members that collaborate and
network for quality learning and teaching in the digital age. Members are
universities and higher education institutions, adult education institutions,
companies, networks, international and national associations, governmental
agencies and ministries, individuals, experts and doctoral students. Within this
diversified ICDE, members are engaged in flexible learning, or blended learning,
online learning, open education, digital supported or technology enhanced
learning, distance teaching or a combination of all this. New technologies,
globalisation and changes in demographics require a revitalisation of the concept
Lifelong Learning. Together with ICDE members and partners, ICDE aims for
contributing kick-starting a new priority for lifelong learning.

"ICDE welcomes all educational players, in particular traditional
higher education institutions entering digital supported
learning and teaching." 

ICDE is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, agreed by the
worlds heads of states and prime minister’s autumn 2015. A particular priority
has SDG 4, Education 2030 “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and
promote lifelong learning”, which engage many ICDE members. However, one
should take note of that post secondary education has the capacity to facilitate
achievements for all SDGs.

Download the full PDF here.