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03 Jun 2015

Meditations of a CIO Yogi

The author ponders her development as an evolving CIO in higher education and how do CIOs sustain themselves and grow as more

03 Jun 2015

Future Thoughts

As the New Horizons department editor for EDUCAUSE Review, I've had numerous companies contact me about their products and services. While I appreciate the endless supply of innovative ideas and ...

03 Jun 2015

Social Reading and Technology Design

We are only beginning to discover how much the humanities have to contribute to the kind of world-building in which computer science, with its push to develop new tools and platforms, is now engaged....

03 Jun 2015

Strange Bedfellows: How to Think about Innovation in a World of Regulation

I offer here three observations for innovators, using my own work on CBE initiatives to illustrate more

03 Jun 2015

Reshaping the Educational Environment for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Imagine a state-of-the-art facility, stretching 1.2 million square feet, that brings innovative STEM, continuing education, and other instruction, flexible training labs, business incubator space, pu...

03 Jun 2015

Bringing the Social Back to MOOCs

Various existing learning environments could scale to MOOC size and benefit learners by adding the social elements now missing, from citizen science to simulations, games, virtual reality, and augmen...

03 Jun 2015

Students' Mobile Learning Practices in Higher Education: A Multi-Year Study

Two university-wide surveys about students' mobile technology ownership and learning practices show that mobile device ownership is high and continues to increase among students. Students and in...

03 Jun 2015

Looking Back, Facing Forward, Listening

This is a remarkable moment to be joining EDUCAUSE as president and CEO. And just as EDUCAUSE members listen to each other and to those outside our community, in my first months as your new president...

03 Jun 2015

Returning Home: John O’Brien, in His Own Words

Excerpts from an interview with John O'Brien, the incoming President and CEO of more

03 Jun 2015

What's Next for the LMS?

Today's LMS needs to be supplemented with (and perhaps later replaced by) a new digital architecture and new learning components—the NGDLE—to enable current transitions in higher educ...

03 Jun 2015

Beyond Active Learning: Transformation of the Learning Space

The next generation of learning spaces will take all the characteristics of an active learning environment—flexibility, collaboration, team-based, project-based—and add the capability of ...

03 Jun 2015

Six Trajectories for Digital Technology in Higher Education

Six individual trajectories of digital technology are enabling the ambitious goal of a responsive, personalized digital learning environment for higher more

03 Jun 2015

EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 50, Number 4, July/August 2015

This is the entire issue of EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 50, Number 4, July/August 2015read more

02 Jun 2015

The IT Leader Today

In spring 2015, EDUCAUSE and Jisc published a report on the future IT leader. Many of the working group contributors were interviewed about what it means to be an IT leader today, as summarized in th...

22 May 2015

A Year of Living in the Future

This article looks through the eyes of Jisc's futurist at how the organization is playing an increasingly catalytic role in connecting the UK's research, education, and skills communities. Ev...

20 May 2015

Creating Innovation Leadership

The innovation leader's role requires an entrepreneurial attitude with skills in management and negotiation, along with deep domain knowledge in technology and education. It also involves elemen...

18 May 2015

The Chief Data Officer in Higher Education

The role of chief data officer meets two urgent needs on campus: leading data administration efforts and building analytics capacity to drive decisions with data. Like all valuable assets, data need...

11 May 2015

Technology Transcends Departments: From CIO to VP of Enrollment

CIOs have foundational knowledge they can apply quickly to a new operational role, and some campuses have begun transitioning them to become leaders of enrollment functions. As pervasive as technolo...

11 May 2015

The Quest for the Digital Frontier

Evolving technology enables us to move from digital transactions to digital relationships, shaking the foundations of all businesses and forcing them to preemptively disrupt from within or risk bein...

17 Apr 2015

User Advocate: Product Management in Higher Ed

Like its corporate counterpart, a higher education product manager is responsible for the entire service offering lifecycle, serving as a single point of contact. Serving as a user advocate, the pro...

17 Apr 2015

The Chief Privacy Officer in Higher Education

This article includes a wealth of information about how some members of the Higher Education Chief Privacy Officers group perceive their role, their concerns about privacy, and their expectations for...

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