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18 Aug 2014

Working as a System for the Citizens of the State of Georgia

When it comes to the delivery of IT services, the 31 institutions of the University System of Georgia work together as a system to ensure the delivery of more-effective technology solutions at costs ...

28 Jul 2014

The CIO Minute: Daryl Ford, Lesley University

In his role as CIO for Lesley University, Daryl Ford has learned to manage perception versus reality. In this quick take, Ford gives three tips for CIOs to get quick wins at their institution and man...

28 Jul 2014

Learning Analytics and Ethics: A Framework beyond Utilitarianism

Utilitarian concerns increasingly drive machine ethics, particularly the few ethical discussions in learning analytics. Determining the most good for the most people is a responsible way forward, but...

28 Jul 2014

When Worlds Collide: IP-Based Video Surveillance on an IT Network

Unable to salvage its ailing analog surveillance system, the Central Piedmont Community College's Information Technology Services Department installed an IP-based video surveillance system on it...

28 Jul 2014

Questions of Data Ownership on Campus

Valid arguments exist for students to control data about themselves, and similarly plausible arguments suggest that the institution can claim ownership. This article explores both perspectives. To av...

22 Jul 2014

The Many Faces of Shared Services at the University of California

While deployment of shared services can produce efficiencies, most don't realize the many different forms shared services can take. Making them effective is hard work and requires four critical e...

15 Jul 2014

The Unified IT Service Catalog: Your One-Stop Shop

As IT becomes more pervasive in all aspects of higher education, IT's customers need a user-friendly way of learning about and requesting IT services. A unified service catalog provides a single...

15 Jul 2014

Why You Should Champion Your Service Desk

UCISA, in association with Cherwell Software and the Service Desk Institute, surveyed U.K. higher education IT service desks to better understand their issues and challenges and showcase their evolut...

26 Jun 2014

Digital Preservation Policy Framework: A Case Study

The Ohio State University Libraries created an organizational policy for digital preservation, shared here to address the policy development process and its importance to an organization, and to pro...

26 Jun 2014

The Continuum of Student IT Use in Campus Spaces: A Qualitative Study

Adding to the scant existing research into how students actually use IT on campus, this study yielded a robust data set that included 183 hours of observation and 393 intercept interviews gathered i...

20 Jun 2014

Challenges in ERP Strategy

Higher Education IT Leaders talk about some of the challenges around administrative systems more

20 Jun 2014

IdM: Building Walls while Breaking Down Barriers

Although often viewed as a painful process, implementing identity management (IdM) solutions can actually enhance relationships and collaborations across a campus, as was the case at University of A...

20 Jun 2014

The Security Dilemma of Desktop Access to ERP Systems

With information security shifting from the data center to the desktop, organizations must have an aggressive patch-management program — though implementing one is challenging due to complicat...

20 Jun 2014

Change Literacy in Higher Education

Encouraging literacy about change management — change literacy — will help varied campus constituencies deal with ongoing change by developing their change readiness. Most change efforts...

20 Jun 2014

IT Restructuring: Challenges and Opportunities

Driven by factors ranging from decreased financial support to changes in technology, IT restructuring is on the rise in higher education. Restructuring gives institutions a chance to rethink their I...

20 Jun 2014

Consensus, Compromise, and Persistence: Implementing a Single ERP for 13 Colleges

Using the multi-entity processing (MEP) model let the Colorado Community College System transform 13 instances of ERP at its individual community colleges into a single installation. The new system ...

20 Jun 2014

HawkLearn: A Small College Reaches for the Clouds

Tasked with developing a learning management system road map to satisfy Generation Y's teamwork and collaboration characteristics, Saint Anselm College's Instructional Technology team launch...

20 Jun 2014

Brain-Numbingly Strategic

As I write this, my IT department is struggling with a possible "known defect" in a critical piece of software that directly affects the customer experience. The software manufacturer can&#39...

20 Jun 2014

Technical + Functional Expertise = Student Success

Information technology continues to have a major impact on the evolution of higher education, constantly creating new opportunities and challenges for all aspects of the institution. In the "IT M...

20 Jun 2014

STEM Academy: Participatory Online Curriculum Design

How can online courses be best designed to enhance the quality of the learning that results? We answer this question by drawing on our experience as coordinators of the STEM Academy, a two-year proje...

20 Jun 2014

The Digital Public Library of America: Collaboration, Content, and Technology at Scale

The vision of a national digital library has been circulating among U.S. librarians, scholars, educators, and technologists since the early 1990s. Efforts led by a range of organizations—such a...

20 Jun 2014

The Value of Administrative IT: Getting It Right

Colleges and universities confront an array of challenges to the ways in which they have traditionally operated. Major stakeholders view higher education as increasingly unaffordable, with cost struc...

20 Jun 2014

The Space Between—and the Secret of Scale

Understanding how best to scale information technology is a challenge facing all segments of higher education, but perhaps the campus area most critically affected is administrative/enterprise system...

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