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27 Feb 2015

Making a Difference: Moving Your Organization from Transactional to Transformational

A reallocation of budget and resources in Bucknell University's Library and Information Technology division enabled a shift from transactional functions to transformational initiatives. Involvin...

23 Feb 2015

MOOCs for Wisconsin and the World

A new MOOC initiative from the University of Wisconsin–Madison ties the topics to communities in the state of Wisconsin and gives residents an opportunity to meet in more

23 Feb 2015

Engaging Faculty in Online Education

By drawing on direct experience, facilitating learning from peers, and exploring engagement practices, Brown University's online development team is creating an online learning "adoption wav...

23 Feb 2015

Collaboration, Partnership, and Student Success

Collaboration and partnership are terms we use often in higher education. We believe that working together is the right thing to do. It is mutually beneficial and mutually more

18 Feb 2015

Just Show Up: Creating Collaborative Communities

In 2011, the University of Illinois began deploying a multi-campus SharePoint shared service, but the effort's scope soon exceeded the resources of its diverse project team. The team thus began ...

18 Feb 2015

Surprising Collaborations: Charting New Paths for IT Professionals

In the United States and around the world, an IT talent shortage continues to increase, even while many recent college/university graduates are challenged to secure gainful employment. This global em...

18 Feb 2015

Mind the Gap: Connecting K–12 and Higher Education Educators to Improve the Student Experience

Each fall, over 7,000 recent high school graduates enroll in courses at The Ohio State University. With each incoming class comes a group of students with increasingly higher composite ACT/SAT scores...

18 Feb 2015

Networked Information's Risky Future: The Promises and Challenges of Digital Preservation

Publishers, librarians, and scholars have begun to understand that their substantial and growing investment in digital object creation requires a commitment to protect the content for the long term. ...

18 Feb 2015

The Human-Technology Intersection: A Framework

The enthusiasm of the ed-tech and DIY sectors sometimes lapses into a kind of insurgent rhetoric. In this narrative, all traditional colleges and universities are dinosaurs, and the meteor that will ...

18 Feb 2015

EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 50, Number 2, March/April 2015

This is the full issue of EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 50, Number 1, Volume 50, Number 2, March/April 2015read more

17 Feb 2015

Embracing Failure to Spur Success: A New Collaborative Innovation Model

On college and university campuses across the United States, we're surrounded by a resource that leads to discovery, innovation, and growth—yet we don't embrace it at the leadership lev...

17 Feb 2015

Partnering to Advance Learning in a Technology-Enhanced World

Building environments that afford new, high-impact learning opportunities for tomorrow’s citizens and workforce requires collaborative expertise. Integrating the science of learning into techno...

17 Feb 2015

Building Productive and Collaborative Relationships at the Speed of Trust

To facilitate IT project success in the challenging higher education environment, trust and collaboration among IT staffers and various campus groups are essential. To improve trust and collaboratio...

17 Feb 2015

Innovating Together: Collaboration as a Driving Force to Improve Student Success

In the often-contentious discussions about the future of U.S. higher education, one idea garners wide agreement: our institutions need to innovate. Since collaboration is the driving force for most i...

11 Feb 2015

Understanding IT GRC in Higher Education: IT Compliance

IT compliance means not just adherence to law but also to regulations, contract terms, and institutional policies. IT compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time project. Because IT systems for...

11 Feb 2015

Understanding IT GRC in Higher Education: IT Risk

IT risk is the potential for an unplanned, negative outcome. IT risk is a business risk consisting of IT-related events that could affect an institution's ability to achieve its mission and key ...

11 Feb 2015

Understanding IT GRC in Higher Education: IT Governance

IT governance is a decision-making process that ensures the effective and efficient use of information technology. Effective IT governance helps an institution achieve its goals by applying IT resou...

02 Feb 2015

The Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project

The Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project works across 25 Oklahoma institutions of higher education to provide resources and help campuses meet technology accessibility goals. Decentralized ...

02 Feb 2015

Building Community with FLEXspace: The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange

FLEXspace is a large-scale community solution to capture detailed information, images, and video of learning environment exemplars. The ELI Seeking Evidence of Impact principles encouraged further d...

02 Feb 2015

Seven Principles for Classroom Design: The Learning Space Rating System

The Learning Space Rating System tool enables scoring a classroom's design to see how well it supports active learning. If the design meets the criteria for a specific credit, a point or points ...

30 Jan 2015

Instructor Engagement with E-Texts

This case study of Indiana University's e-text initiative reports on the participation levels and motivations of instructors in engaging with digital textbooks. Instructors can benefit from e-te...

22 Jan 2015

Technology-Driven Service Learning: The Instructor's Role and the Student's Experience

To enhance student interactions with community organizations in a service-learning course, Ohio State University's Sociology Department introduced mobile technology, giving its students iPads to...

22 Jan 2015

Higher Ed Tech Talent: Get 'Em, Keep 'Em (If You Can)

The hiring search for technically skilled employees to join institutional IT departments encounters multiple challenges, including the disparity in salaries for technology jobs between higher educat...

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