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17 Apr 2015

User Advocate: Product Management in Higher Ed

Like its corporate counterpart, a higher education product manager is responsible for the entire service offering lifecycle, serving as a single point of contact. Serving as a user advocate, the pro...

17 Apr 2015

The Chief Privacy Officer in Higher Education

This article includes a wealth of information about how some members of the Higher Education Chief Privacy Officers group perceive their role, their concerns about privacy, and their expectations for...

17 Apr 2015

Carving a Role for Academic Innovation

Academic innovation is not just about new channels for delivery, but includes approaching questions and answers in the context of new technologies and data. A strong impetus for innovation in teachi...

03 Apr 2015

Taming Application Sprawl

Key Takeaways Facing financial pressure during the great recession and the need to cut budgets, Cornell focused on reducing application support to achieve savings in the IT area. IT chose an appl...

03 Apr 2015

Developing a Meaningful Labor Cost Estimate

Key Takeaways Because in-house labor expenses can consume more than half of the IT budget, it is essential for IT leaders to understand labor's cost, productivity, and impact. Valuing an hour...

03 Apr 2015

Technology in Higher Education: Defining the Strategic Leader

IT is simultaneously more challenging, relevant, and exciting than ever; leading IT requires unique characteristics and capabilities. But what qualities make for a successful IT leader in this envir...

03 Apr 2015

Change Management and Cultural Resistance

At NC State University, we are engaged in a six-year effort to shift the focus of the Office of Information Technology (OIT), our central IT organization, to being more dynamic and forward-thinking. ...

03 Apr 2015

From Accommodations to Accessibility: Creating Learning Environments That Work for All

Nearly fifteen years ago, Todd D. Schwanke, Roger O. Smith, and Dave L. Edyburn introduced the A3 Model as an instructional tool for accessibility and universal design. Today their model continues to...

03 Apr 2015

A Network Approach to Scholarly Communication Infrastructure

The open-access movement, fueled by the digital revolution, is transforming the business of scholarly communication, affecting the entire value chain. Rapidly emerging technologies have been crucial ...

03 Apr 2015

Higher Education 2.0 and the Next Few Hundred Years; or, How to Create a New Higher Education Ecosystem

Three important developments stand to dramatically change the way we think about degree programs and pathways:read more

03 Apr 2015

Our Students Need Bread and Roses

The "Completion Agenda," kicked off in February 2009 with President Barack Obama's 2020 College Completion Goal, has been the overarching reform effort of the current decade. Never before...

03 Apr 2015

7 Reflections

As I retire from EDUCAUSE and look back on my time here, I would like to share seven reflections that illustrate beliefs and experiences shared by many of us in higher education information technolog...

03 Apr 2015

Benchmarking to Inform Planning: The EDUCAUSE Core Data Service

Using metrics to benchmark higher education IT financials, staffing, and services can add value by informing and reinforcing the decision-making more

03 Apr 2015

Leadership Lessons I Learned from Diana Oblinger

Diana Oblinger’s most enduring legacy will be the profound effect and influence that she has had on the lives of higher education IT more

03 Apr 2015

Planning the IT Career You Want

The wide range and scope of careers within higher education information technology requires active planning for the career that is right for more

03 Apr 2015

Leading as an Intentional Journey

Leadership may not start out as a destination, but for successful leaders, it becomes an intentional more

03 Apr 2015

Modeling Leadership

All leadership models have pros and cons; successful leaders will develop their own model and their own more

03 Apr 2015

Gathering No Moss: Followership and Leadership

A successful leader must first know how to more

03 Apr 2015

EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 50, Number 3, May/June 2015

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