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01 Apr 2014

Mobile Advising: Engage Students and Contain Costs

This case study explains how digital records and mobile technology let students and advisors meet anywhere on campus and access electronic documents, improving communication while reducing administra...

01 Apr 2014

The CIO Minute: Marla Botelho

Marla Botelho is chief information officer for Regis College. In this CIO Minute she talks about the value of IT in the changing landscape of more

26 Mar 2014

What Makes an Online Instructional Video Compelling?

Video has supported education for many years, and in online courses instructional videos are often a key component. To learn more about compelling video, a team at the Columbia University School of ...

18 Mar 2014

Technology and Language

Gardner Campbell talks about connecting technology and language with his more

18 Mar 2014

EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues Lists by Carnegie Classification

In 2012 and 2013, EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel members both identified and prioritized the top-ten lists. For 2014, the EDUCAUSE membership was added to the process. Panel members identified an initial s...

10 Mar 2014

EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 49, Number 2, March/April 2014

 This is the entire issue of EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 49, Number 2, March/April 2014read more

27 Feb 2014

PCI DSS 3.0: What Higher Education IT Needs to Know

Higher education leaders don't always know PCI compliance expectations for payment systems at their institutions despite the impacts on information security for their campuses. Key drivers behin...

27 Feb 2014

EDUCAUSE 2014 Top-Ten IT Issues

A quick look at the 2014 Top-Ten IT more

27 Feb 2014

Increase Your Influence: Culture Matters

Clearly defining what leadership means in your organization, embedding it in your culture, and focusing on the development of all employees better positions your organization to influence the change...

27 Feb 2014

The Top 10 IT Issues from a Small College Perspective

The EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues represent an average of many opinions, leaving the question, What might an individual institution do to address the issues on the list? The purchasing power of large i...

27 Feb 2014

Ethical Discourse: Guiding the Future of Learning Analytics

Learning analytics holds increasing potential for student agency and autonomy, highlighting a need for ethical discourse at all levels of higher education institutions. Topics central to this dialogu...

27 Feb 2014

Balancing Innovation with Execution

Members of the IT Issues Panel believe that higher education IT organizations must balance innovation with execution in order to remain relevant and be more

27 Feb 2014

The Business Model of Higher Education

According to a recent search for the term "changing business model" on The Chronicle of Higher Education website, the term was used more than 2,000 times during the past three years. A quick ...

27 Feb 2014

Sharing Common Ground

Many today decry the loss of personal connection and face-to-face communication. However, for student affairs staff, information technology has opened new opportunities for the creation of communitie...

27 Feb 2014

SHared Access Research Ecosystem

SHARE's central tenet is that policies expanding public access should provide an opportunity for higher education institutions—individually and collectively—to fulfill their missions ...

27 Feb 2014

Making Way for Maker Culture

Making is an integral part of the art school experience. DIY "maker culture" is built around direct access to and ongoing experimentation with media, equipment, and other resources. Although ...

27 Feb 2014

The Evolving MOOC

When MOOCs (massive open online courses) emerged to great fanfare in 2011–2012, colleges and universities wrestled with how to best approach this new development in online learning, a developme...

27 Feb 2014

Staying "Plugged In"

In the March/April 2014 EDUCAUSE Review, Susan Grajek and the members of the 2013–2014 EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel outline this year's top-ten IT issues for colleges and universities. Their de...

24 Feb 2014

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014: Be the Change You See

EDUCAUSE presents the top-ten IT issues facing higher education institutions. Many of these issues are not new. But in 2014 the ideas, solutions, and models that have been accumulating in higher educ...

07 Feb 2014

Doing More for Less: The Benefits and Practicalities of Collaboration

At its core, collaboration of any kind relies on timing, trust, and opportunity to succeed, as Emmanuel College and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design demonstrated when colocating their dat...

06 Feb 2014

Understanding the Learning Personalities of Successful Online Students

Long studied as a way to help people better understand themselves and others, personality research and theory has evolved to include the use of assessment tools to identify various personality types...

31 Jan 2014

Straight Talk about the Clouds

Higher education institutions can choose from a range of cloud computing approaches. As these three senior IT leaders explain, the "right" solution for a given institution depends on many fac...

31 Jan 2014

Conjecture, Tension, and Online Learning

Although low cost and flexible access make online learning appealing to administration, the topic provokes considerable tension among faculty. The authors explore why this might be so and outline the...

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