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28 Apr 2014

The Post-Digital Potential of Man and Machine

In this issue of EDUCAUSE Review, the authors explore the extent to which the humanities disciplines, along with other fields of scholarship, are influenced by the human or by the digital. Is this a ...

06 Dec 2011

Diversity in Higher Ed IT

The author discusses the importance of diversity in more

06 Dec 2011

About This Issue

This is the final issue of EQ as a separate journal. Launching in May 2012, EDUCAUSE Review Online will combine the existing EDUCAUSE Review, EQ, and EDUCAUSE Now!, our podcast series, to create a on...

06 Dec 2011

Career Counselor

Once again I’m dreading evaluating my staff and giving them their annual performance review — and I’m worried about handling my own review with my boss. What should I focus on when ...

06 Dec 2011

Mobile Ramblings

While attending the 2011 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Philadelphia, I was interviewed by Jennifer Sparrow, Director of Emerging Technologies and New Ventures at Virginia Tech. The following audio cl...

06 Dec 2011

Lessons Learned--and To Be Learned

If you’ve ever thought that learning more about how your organization operates might help you become more successful in your role, I recommend pursuing an MBA. Here’s why I think so, alon...

06 Dec 2011

Imagining the Future of Higher Education

Imagine a student heading to college in 2022. How will her campus experience differ from ours? What changes has digital technology made?I have been exploring those questions in this space for the pas...

06 Dec 2011

The Syllabus and a 21st Century Education

The form and content of a syllabus offer important clues about the course instructor and the teaching style to expect in the course, giving students a preview of what to expect. Nowadays, all course...

06 Dec 2011

GGrading: Digital Grading Made Free and Easy with Google Apps

The author, a college professor, made a successful attempt to move from traditional paper exchanges and essay grading to a digital grading system that more closely relates to the world in which toda...

06 Dec 2011

Evaluating Student Writing with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Prompt, specific feedback helps students learn from and revise writing assignments. Students often misunderstand or fail to learn from written comments; they respond more effectively to audio commen...

06 Dec 2011

The Phased Triangulation Evaluation Model (PTEM)

PTEM measures a course design’s success in terms of student “types” and how successfully they interact with the course. Using student types lets course evaluators make precise desi...

06 Dec 2011

Using Multi-Node Tools for Student Success in Non-Major Science Classes

General biology challenges many first-year students with a new technical language, foreign concepts and massive amounts of content, threatening their progress toward completing college. BioBook, an ...

06 Dec 2011

Mobile-Enhanced Inquiry-Based Learning: A Collaborative Study

Mobile devices provide new opportunities to support student learning in addition to their more common entertainment uses of watching video or listening to music. The NGLC-funded Mobile-Enhanced Inqu...

06 Dec 2011

Open Educational Resources: The Bridge to Success Project

With college readiness low among many would-be higher education students, their likelihood of successfully completing a certificate or degree seems doubtful. Four educational institutions partnered ...

06 Dec 2011

Harnessing the Power of Technology, Openness, and Collaboration

Supporting students at risk of not completing a course and ultimately, perhaps, of not completing college requires targeted data, guided intervention, and reduced costs. Combining open educational r...

06 Dec 2011

Next Generation Learning Challenge: Simulating Teaching

Can someone learn to teach by practicing with a classroom simulation? Simulations provide multiple chances to practice, including making attempts with higher risks and spectacular failures, and to l...

06 Dec 2011

The Blended Learning Toolkit: Improving Student Performance and Retention

Blended courses provide much of the flexibility and convenience of an online course while retaining the benefits of the face-to-face classroom experience. A U.S. Department of Education analysis fou...

06 Dec 2011

A Study of Four Textbook Distribution Models

In preparation for campus-wide e-text adoption, Daytona State College completed a two-year comparative study of four textbook distribution models: print purchase, print rental, e-text rental, and e-...

06 Dec 2011

The Kansas State University Human Nutrition (HN 400) Flexbook

  Flexbooks are “a free and open-source textbook platform” that allows users to “build and edit collaborative textbooks.” Responses to and use of the Kansas State Un...

05 Dec 2011

Perceptions of Presentation Capture in Counselor Education

  Survey results from students and faculty at Emporia State University indicate that lecture/presentation capture proved effective when repurposed for various Counselor Education programs. ...

05 Dec 2011

Clicker Implementation Models

Using clicker technology in classrooms can increase student learning, participation, and attendance. Clickers require a significant economic investment; deciding who pays is a key issue that gives r...

05 Dec 2011

Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments

In the new technology-enhanced learning spaces at the University of Minnesota, students outperformed final grade expectations relative to their ACT scores. When instructors adapted their pedagogical...

05 Dec 2011

Creating an Online Global Health Course and Game

Global public health as a course domain topic suits the various pedagogical methods and technologies commonly used for online learning. The data-rich technologies implemented for global public healt...

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