Webinars on defining, using and creating OER

A series of webinars organized by the online learning platform Softchalk and which aim to highlight and explore issues related to OER and provide live demonstrations on their use are planned for 2011. A forthcoming session entitled, Finding and Using OER: The Where and the When will take place online on 17 August at 15.00 EST.


The upcoming OER webinars will feature speakers from Creative Commons, MERLOT and IMS Global who will focus on the following issues surrounding OER:

Finding and Using OER: The Where and the When
17 August, 2011
Online at 15:00 EST

Cathy Swift from MERLOT will provide an overview of the questions that arise on quality and accessibility as OERs are used, re-purposed and shared. Rob Abel from IMS Global will address the licensing and standards questions. The session will include demonstrations of how different OER collections can be used to find appropriate, quality content. It will also offer the opportunity to see OERs in action as Malissa Attebery, Online Instructional Designer at Lone Star College-Online in Texas, demonstrates how she transformed a comprehensive WWII history eText by Henry Sage, Professor at Northern Virginia Community College, into an interactive learning experience.

Creating OER: The Who and the How
21 September, 2011
Online at 15:00 EST

This session will focus on the current and future developers of OER and how to ensure quality content and interoperability of OER. Rob Abel will discuss different models for developing OER materials and demonstrate various authoring tools for creating OER content. There will also be an opportunity to see how Jacqui Cain from Tacoma Community College, as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates foundation grant, re-purposed Sherlock Holmes stories to create a full online course in remedial English.


Register for the webinars through the online learning platform Softchalk.

9 August 2011


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