Special edition of NADE magazine for EDEN Conference

The Norwegian Association for Distance and Flexible Education (NADE) is an organizing partner for the forthcoming EDEN Annual Conference in Oslo, Norway. To mark the occasion, an English language edition of the regular NADE magazine for innovative education, Synkron, has been published.


Synkron offers a number of insights into issues both of relevance to the EDEN Annual Conference, and from the perspective of Norwegian institutions. Articles include:

  • An interview with Sugata Mitra by Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Following the ed tech track in San Fransisco and the Silicon Valley by Torunn Gjelsvik, Akademiet Nettstudier, Norway
  • MOOCs will transform formal education by Anders Nome, NKS, Norway
  • Digital Exam, All resources allowed by Kirsti Engelien, University of Oslo, Norway

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11 June 2013

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