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Join ICDE today as a new institutional member and take advantage of a 50% discount on the regular membership fee for 2013.


2013 marks a very special year for ICDE. The Year 2013 represents the 75th year of our organization’s existence. ICDE was founded in 1938 and today we have members from over 60 countries worldwide.

With strong support and collaboration of our members and the support from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, ICDE has become a sustainable global organization that plays an important role in Open and Distance Education and in promoting open and distance education in the global education community.

To celebrate ICDE’s 75th anniversary, we are offering a significant discount to institutions who wish to join ICDE as a new institutional member in 2013. Any institution who qualifies for ICDE membership will receive a 50% discount as new member on the regular membership fee for 2013 ICDE membership.

We are also offering a 75% discount on the 2013 regular membership fee for member institutions of African Virtual University (AVU) and partner institutions participating in the Multinational Project II who wish to become an ICDE member in 2013. This offer is available to the AVU members in order for us to support the African Virtual University Multinational Project II as a flagship for closer collaboration between institutions in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Please note that the special offer is not applicable to individuals.

Benefits for members of ICDE include:

  • Access to a global network spanning over 60 countries
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in international conferences and research activities
  • The opportunity to apply to run ICDE sponsored projects for the furtherance of understanding about distance education
  • Discounted fees for faculty to attend ICDE conferences and meetings
  • An invitation to take part in the exclusive Member Presidents’ meeting at the annual ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents

By entering ICDE, you can give a voice to your interest.

For more information on our membership, please visit our website.

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15 January 2013

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