EDEN Annual Conference online

This key European distance education conference is being held 6-9 June, and it will be possible to follow plenary sessions, some parallel sessions, and a number of webinar workshops online. ICDE's Secretary General will speak at the conference, and an evening event will be held for ICDE members.


The conference, to be held in Porto, Portugal will be accessible for free around the world online. The list of plenary and parallel sessions to be streamed online - with dates and times - can be seen on the conference website.

On Friday afternoon European time, the exciting range of keynote speakers will be joined by ICDE Secretary General Gard Titlestad and ICDE member institution Universidade Aberta, Portugal Rector Paulo Dias for a discussion on central themes of the conference.

Participants on site and others joining the online stream are invited to submit questions to the panelists via the conference Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin profiles.

You can also participate in webinar workshops by entering their dedicated webinar rooms listed below. Workshop teams will have a designated facilitator who will enable the online participants to contribute to the live discussions.

7 June, Thursday
11.30-13.00 (GMT)

ICT in the Process of Developing Learning to Learn Competences in Lifelong Learning Transitions: From Theory into the Practice

7 June, Thursday
16.30-18.00 (GMT)

Adults Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences

8 June, Friday
14.30-16.00 (GMT)

Design Principles for Pedagogic Multimedia

8 June, Friday
16.30-18.00 (GMT)

How to Give Credit for Learning with OERs

9 June, Saturday
9.30-10.45 (GMT)

The Demographic Challenge Needs Innovation in Health Services and Cultures: How e-Networking & e-Learning can Activate New Mindsets, Unlashing Intergenerational Resources for Society?

Presentation by ICDE Secretary General

Gard Titlestad will present in the session entitled Distance and e-learning policy and strategy on Thursday morning with an address entitled Challenges for policies, strategies and leadership in an increasingly open world. His presentation is available on Slideshare.

Evening event for ICDE members

ICDE is very grateful to colleagues at EDEN for facilitating the organization of a reception for ICDE members at the conference. Representatives of member institutions and associations, as well as individual members are invited to this informal gathering. A presentation of ICDE’s ongoing activities will be held and input sought on where ICDE's priorities should lie, and which activities the organization should concentrate on in partnership with its members. This activity represents the first stage in a series of consultations with members during the development of ICDE’s strategy for the period 2013-2016.

The reception will be held 18.00-19.30 on Friday, 8 June in Infante Hall (2nd floor), Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre. For further information, please contact the ICDE Secretariat.

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