ICDE - UNESCO Policy Forum on open, online and flexible learning calls for actions by governments, higher education institutions and faculty

Published 05.12.14

Access to, and success in, open, online and flexible learning are key solutions to the pressing development challenges and needs of 21st century societies, emphasizes the November 2014 Bali message by ICDE’s higher education leaders.

Season's greetings from ICDE

Published 20.12.11

ICDE would like to wish its newsletter readers and visitors to the ICDE website all the very best for a prosperous 2015. Here we present a very brief summary of some of the highlights of the past year.

Open Education Europa - your gateway to European Open Educational Resources

Published 13.09.13

In September 2013, the European Commission launched Open Education Europa as part of the Opening up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European Open Education Resources (OER).

The main goal of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European OER in different languages in order to be able to present them to learners, teachers and researchers.

ICDE Presidents’ Summit 2014 - a complete success!

Published 25.07.14

The ICDE Presidents’ Summit 2014, hosted by Universitas Terbuka, took place from 19-21 November in Bali and was attended by Presidents, Rectors and Vice-Chancellors from higher education institutions across the globe.

Major highlights included the ICDE - UNESCO Policy Forum, which produced the Bali message, and the closed Presidents' meeting.

Education in the Digital Era conference – an inspiration for policy makers and practitioners

The ‘Education in the Digital Era’ conference took place in Brussels on 11 December. Ministers, leaders of educational institutions, and educational innovators convened to discuss the opportunities and challenges of adapting education to a faster changing, digital society and economy, shaping education's place and priority in the EU's sustainable growth agenda.

Prof. Mandla Makhanya, ICDE Executive Committee member and Principal and Vice Chancellor of Unisa, was invited to participate in the panel that addressed inequalities in education through better access and lower cost. Gard Titlestad, ICDE Secretary General, was invited as a guest of the conference.


The conference was co-organised by the European Commission and the Italian Presidency of the EU.

The opening speakers of the conference included Stefania Giannini (the Italian Minister of Education), Tibor Navracsics (the Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport), Silvia Costa (the Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education), and Lord David Puttnam (the Chair of Atticus Education). They emphasized the need to make education more accessible by opening it up, and Europe's success in doing so will determine its future and economic growth.

Prof. Makhanya was joined on the panel by Carolina Jeux (CEO of Telefónica Learning Services), Jim Knight (Shadow Employment & Welfare Minister in the House of Lords) and Alek Tarkowski (Co-Founder and Director of Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt Polska).

Watch a webcast of the panel

Photo source: Open Education Europa website, openeducationeuropa.eu

18 December 2014

ICDE Chairs in OER meet to determine the action plan for the future

Published 17.12.14

The ICDE Chairs in Open Educational Resources (OER) attended the Presidents’ Summit in Bali in November and met with the ICDE Executive Committee to discuss mutual expectations for the future.

Five general aims were endorsed for the ICDE Chairs in OER initiative:

The Battle for Open - How openness won and why it doesn't feel like victory

Published 17.12.14

With the Christmas and New Year break just around the corner, take some time for yourself and read ‘The Battle for Open - How openness won and why it doesn't feel like victory’.

The digital version (Kindle, PDF and ePUB) of the book is free to download.

Martin Weller is an ICDE Chair in OER, as well as the book’s author. In the book, he examines four key areas that have been central to the developments within open education: open access, MOOCs, open education resources and open scholarship.

ICDE welcomes new members

Published 24.06.14

New institutional members from India, Sri Lanka and Switzerland have joined ICDE following the approval of their membership applications by the ICDE Executive Committee.

A regional association from Bangladesh has also recently joined ICDE.

Technology vital for accessible education says international expert

Published 17.12.14

Technology holds the key to lowering the cost of quality higher education in both developed and developing countries, says international open and distance learning expert, Sir John Daniel.

Visiting New Zealand at the invitation of Open Polytechnic and speaking at a hosted event in Wellington, the former President of ICDE and Vice-Chancellor of the UK Open University described the “Iron Triangle” of cost, quality and access which he said had created in people’s minds an “insidious” link between quality and exclusivity in education.

Latest edition - and last for 2014 - of Open Praxis is available for download

Published 29.07.14

Open Praxis has published its latest edition for 2014, which consists of three research articles and three innovative practice articles. This latest edition celebrates two years of operation since Open Paxis was launched at the beginning of 2013.

Sixteen authors from seven countries (and four continents) across the globe have contributed to volume 6, issue 4 of Open Praxis.

Norwegian Digital Learning Arena wins the Boldic Award 2014

Published 17.12.14

Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) has won the Boldic Award 2014 for delivering open and free digital learning resources of high quality for all.

The award showcases best practises and successful experiences within the Nordic/Baltic area.

Open Universiteit proclaimed ‘best university 2015’ in The Netherlands

Published 17.12.14

The Dutch university guide ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten’ has proclaimed the Open Universiteit as 'best university 2015' in The Netherlands. The guide also awards the Open Universiteit with four of the six assessed bachelor programs with the designation ‘top education’.

Professor Anja Oskamp, Rector of the Open Universiteit, was thrilled: “A fantastic score: ‘best university’ and four times ‘top education’, we are proud of this! It proves to us that continuous focus on improving the quality of education is important.”

UNINETTUNO wins award for best e-learning portal worldwide

Published 18.12.14

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO has been awarded runner up for the 2014 International E-learning Award for the best e-learning portal worldwide.

The Scientific Committee members that assessed the applicants for the award were impressed by the number and variety of 2014 applications and by the quality of UNINETTUNO’s e-learning provision.

Call for papers, the 10th eLearning Forum Asia – innovations in education

Published 17.12.14

The 10th eLearning Forum Asia (eLFA2015), hosted by SIM University, will be held in Singapore from 17-19 June 2015. The theme is ‘Innovations in education: Responding intelligently to diverse learning needs’.

A call for papers has been announced, and acedemics and practitioners are invited to showcase their work by submitting a proposed paper presentation for consideration. Complimentary registration will be offered to a presenter whose paper is accepted by the Academic Committee.

International conference on Learning Innovations and Quality, call for papers

The 4th annual international conference ‘Learning Innovations and Quality’ (LINQ 2015) has published its three calls related to this year’s theme, ‘The Need for Change in Education: Openness as Default?

Interested parties are invited to submit research papers, project overviews, and workshop proposals on the following themes by 4 February 2015:


  • Vision and needs for change in education through open learning worldwide
  • Strategies and implementations of openness in learning processes
  • Global aspects of high-quality open education
  • Quality indicators and methods to describe, measure and evaluate quality for open education, OER and MOOCs
  • Conceptual contributions on new and innovative quality models, methodologies, standards and approaches for open education and e-learning
  • Practical experiences and reports with implementations of quality approaches for open education
  • Competences required by institutions as well as by learners for designing, practicing and improving the quality of open learning
  • Methodologies for and experience of increased recognition of open learning in formal, non-formal and informal learning, education and training
  • Certification of open education and e-learning in institutions, programs &courses
  • Integrated innovation and quality approaches for opening up education
  • International, national and regional quality projects related to the themes of the conference

Submissions must be sent by 4 February 2015.

Specific guidelines and requirements can be found on the conference website: learning-innovations.eu

About LINQ 2015

The main goal of LINQ 2015 is to bring together a variety of experts and professionals active in the field of innovations and quality in lifelong learning (LLL). LINQ will support an innovative exchange of the latest developments in learning, education and training innovations and quality on both a European and international level. Potential points of access to this field include new learning methods and design, open learning and education, technology-enhanced learning (TEL), quality standards and certification, human resources development, competences and skills, digital resources, learning materials, and online collaboration and communities.

18 December 2014

The 26th ICDE World Conference – call for papers now open

Published 23.10.14

Experts, academics and practitioners from across the globe are invited to attend the 26th ICDE World Conference, hosted by the University of South Africa, in South Africa from 14-16 October 2015. The call for papers is now open!

The conference will address open and distance learning in 21st century global higher education within the context of increasing demands for access, decreasing state resources and growing concern about the quality of provision.

Interested in e-learning, innovation and collaboration? Register for Innovation Arabia 8

Published 25.07.14

Innovation Arabia 8 is a highly scientific refereed event with thought leaders, academics, and the professional community searching to exchange ideas, discuss trends, solutions and challenges in the development of sustainable economies and societies in the Arab World through innovation.

Register your attendance now! ICDE members receive a significant discount of 50 per cent on the registration fee.

World Conference 2015
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