Vice Chair: Svein Haaland

Former Rector of Lillehammer University College, Norway



• 1972 Magister Artium (Masters Degree) in Pedagogy from University of Oslo, (thesis about the role of the teacher in a youth psychiatric ward)
• 1976 Magister Artium: degree in Psychology

Work Experience:

• 1965-1972 teacher in youth psychiatric ward
• 1972-1984 (in summer) lecturer at pedagogical seminar for vocational teachers
• 1973-1975 Assistant professor in special education at Tromsø Teacher College
• 1975-1976 Clinical pedagogue at Telemark child and youth psychiatric policlinic
• 1976- Assistant professor at Lillehammer University College
• 1986-1992 Head of Department for Television and Communications at the Lillehammer University College
• 1987 Associate Professor at Lillehammer University College (1. Ammanuensis), Communications
• 1992-2000 Rector (Vice Chancellor) at Lillehammer University College
• 2000-2005 Associate Professor with special responsibility for developing flexible learning and distance education through research and teaching

Mr. Haaland has been in charge of the planning of Academic Course Programs for the following careers:

• Two year television directing degree
• Two year production crew education for television degree
• Master degree in film science
• The Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer University College ( two degrees there) 

 Membership in Relevant Boards and Committees:

• Eastern Norway Research Institute
• Norwegian College Council
• Board of The Norwegian University Network for Lifelong Learning (Norgesuniversitetet)
• President of The Norwegian Agency for Flexible Learning in Higher education (SOFF, 2000-2004


• National Council for Media Studies
• Council for NKS, Ernst G. Mortensens Stiftelse


• Evaluation and quality assurance in higher education in Norway “Based on the Best”
• Pedagogical renewal in Nordic higher education: “Learning and Technology – pedagogical challenges”
• Different taskforces inside ICDE

International experience:

• Organising study tours to English and Scottish universities to establish cooperation concerning education and research in film and television science, in television directing and later on to establish the Norwegian Film school
• Organising study tours to California as a preparation for the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer University College
• Two study tours to Canada to look into distant education
• Study tours to USA with the same purpose
• Organising two study tours to Australia to visit distant education universities, 1996 as Rector at Lillehammer University College, in 2002 as President of The Norwegian Agency for Flexible Learning in Higher Education (SOFF). Both tours had participants from Sweden and Norway, the last one was arranged as a travelling seminar with SOFF report 2/2003 edited by self
• Taking part in international conferences, like Improving University Teaching (IUT), European Distance Education Network (EDEN) and ICDE
• Key note speech in conferences at Nottingham University and Berkley University on distant education in higher education
• Hosting the Standing Conference of Presidents of ICDE at Lillehammer University College 1995

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