Membership criteria

Membership of ICDE is available to teaching institutions offering post-secondary and/ or adult education, research institutions, educational authorities and agencies, educational service companies, and individuals engaged in education and training throughout the world. ICDE welcomes membership applications both from educational institutions which do and do not offer predominantly open and distance or online courses. Associate membership is also available for not-for-profit membership organizations.

An institution must be recognized and in good standing with ICDE and in its own country or region, and must conduct its educational operations in accordance with codes of ethics in distance learning in order to be accepted as a member institution. The institution must be prepared to provide documentary evidence of this at any time.

Claims that ICDE provides institutional accreditation will result in withdrawal of membership.

Admittance to the membership of ICDE is subject to approval by the ICDE Executive Committee and additional documentation may be requested from institutions, educational authorities and agencies and companies seeking membership. ICDE reserves the right to expel from membership without any refund in membership fee already paid, or to refuse membership to institutions not meeting the criteria described above.

By completing and submitting the membership application form, the applicant enters into a commitment to pay the appropriate membership fee.

Any existing member which does not pay the renewal fee within one year of invoice will have their member status withdrawn and will be liable to pay the unpaid fees. To withdraw from the membership of ICDE, a member must notify ICDE in writing of their intention to do so by the last day of June of the year preceding the new calendar year.

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