Benefits of membership

The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is the leading global membership organization for open, distance, flexible and online education, including e-learning. Membership of ICDE is open to teaching institutions offering post-secondary and/ or adult education, research institutions, educational authorities and agencies, educational service companies, and individuals. Associate membership is also available for not-for-profit membership organizations.

ICDE’s member-driven agenda

The organization has a member-driven approach to its key areas:

  • Leadership for Change – how can institutions adapt to an increasingly open and online world?
  • Policies for creating a favourable framework for open, distance, flexible and online education
  • Global mapping of open, distance and online education
  • Supporting teaching and faculty in open and distance learning techniques
  • Research and innovation towards high quality open and distance learning
  • Increasing attainment levels of adult learners in higher education through ODL
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Quality Review service for institutions
  • Scholarly articles on research and innovation in open, distance and flexible education in the peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal Open Praxis
  • Partnership and networking
  • Knowledge sharing through conferences and meetings

The ICDE network

Membership brings access to an established network of 160 institutions and organizations worldwide, representing over 60 countries, and responsible for educating up to 10% of the world’s student population. The network is unique in its north-south focus, and because of its consultative partner status with UNESCO, and close relations with other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

Membership provides you with a link to ICDE's tremendous network of knowledge and expertise, and the opportunity to make use of this network both on your own initiative and through participation in ICDE events and projects.

Membership of ICDE also allows institutions, organizations and individuals to raise their profile internationally, and provides a platform for the dissemination of information relating to  events, initiatives and research.

ICDE individual members, the staff of member institutions, and the staff and Executive Board of associate members benefit from a discount on the ICDE World Conference fee, and fees for other ICDE events. ICDE also enters into partnerships to bring discounts for members for third-party events, when purchasing publications and services, and for free trials of software and other services.

Member institutions may apply to host the ICDE World Conference, or a smaller ICDE International Conference in order to attract leading figures from the world of open, distance and online education to their country.

Rectors, Presidents, and Chief Executive Officers from ICDE member institutions and associate mebers are invited to attend the annual Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) meeting, a forum for peer-to-peer discussions on key issues in educational management.

For more details on ICDE membership and benefits please see the documents below.



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