Associate membership

Associate membership is a category decided by the Executive Committee. 

Two profiles can apply for Associate membership of ICDE:

  1. An organization which meets the following definition: "A non-governmental, not-for-profit membership organization for institutions and individuals engaged in or associated with education and training, which promotes dialogue, networking and the exchange of ideas." 
  2. Doctoral students in the research field related to online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning within the Global Doctoral Consortium

The membership category for associate membership is O. It is free of charge for up to 4 years for organizations and during the period of doctoral studies for doctoral students. 

Associate membership enjoys all the benefits of other members but is not permitted to take part in the governance. 

Depending on your profilae, there are two ways of applying for Associate membership of ICDE.

  1. Organizations should address a letter of application to the ICDE Executive Committee at, setting out the following:
    1. A description of the applying organization including details of geographical area and educational sectors in which it operates, the structure of the organization, membership and activities
    2. The website address of the organization
    3. Links to existing ICDE members or historical links to ICDE
    4. The motivation for applying for Associate membership of ICDE
  2. Doctoral students in the research field of online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning may register to receive an invitation to participate in the Global Doctoral Consortium here. All interested doctoral students will receive an invitation to register for the GDC.

Please note that admittance to the membership of ICDE is at the discretion of ICDE.


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