Open Praxis call for papers – Learning assessment in open, distance and flexible education

Call for papers for Open Praxis, ICDE's peer-reviewed online journal, volume 5 issue 3. Deadline for submission: 30 April 2013; publication: July 2013.

Open Praxis launches a call for papers on the special theme of Learning assessment in open, distance and flexible education. This issue focuses on innovative ways of assessing students' performance in open, distance and flexible education. The journal will accept contributions that address aspects such as the following:

  • Assessment challenges in open and distance education.
  • Innovations in assessment methodologies and tools.
  • Technological tools for assessment. Pedagogical possibilities and limits.
  • Successful and relevant experiences of use of new methods, techniques and tools.

Research articles (5000 words approx.) may focus on theoretical foundations, concepts, analysis and results of studies regarding learning assessment in open and distance education, referring to aspects such as integration of teaching, learning and assessment processes; limits and possibilities of diverse assessment methodologies and tools for diverse knowledge, skills and competences; challenges that assessment faces in open education; links between learning assessment and other relevant aspects in open and distance education: credentialing, educational quality and improvement; learning analytics, etc.

Innovative practice articles (3000 words approx.) may provide a description and analysis of concrete experiences of use and implementation of new assessment methods and tools in open and distance education: co-evaluation, self-evaluation, badges, e-portfolios, prior learning assessment and recognition, etc.

Papers must comprise a section devoted to analysis and evaluation of difficulties, opportunities, outcomes, limits, benefits, etc. of experiences and researches related to learning assessment in open, distance and flexible education.

In addition to the articles for the special theme, contributions are also invited on other topics which fall within the sphere of interest of the journal, i.e. research and innovation in open, distance and flexible education.

Deadline for submission: April 30th 2013

Publication: July 2013

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26 February 2013

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