New Website

The ICDE website was completely re-structured in a process that started at the end of 2004 and during the first months of 2005. A new graphic design and a better-organised navigation system were put in place. All tasks were done in-house by the ICDE staff.

                                                                                                                                                                                 All tasks were done in-house by the ICDE staff.  The web of ICDE is focused on three main aims:
  • To present ICDE
  • To establish the site as a tool for interaction and dissemination of knowledge
  • To be the platform for ICDE’s journal Open Praxis

ICDE has developed a section called “members-only” that aims at providing a useful tool for interaction to its members and others with interest in the field of e-learning:

  • To learn about the field of open and distance learning
  • To compare opinions and experiences
  • To ask for help, advice and opinions
  • To deliberate
  • To do research and find research partners
  • To share and to hold discussions

 Open Praxis Digital

ICDE’s journal Open Praxis has been published for several years in a printed format, with the assistance of the Open University in the UK. After careful considerations, ICDE decided to modernize the journal introducing it in digital format only, for both members and non-members of the organisation. ICDE and the Lillehammer University College held a number of meetings regarding the possibility for the latter to host the journal and to be the editor in charge of it. The negotiations were successful and in June 2005 Open Praxis was launched in the ICDE website.

25 May 2005


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