National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria joins ICDE

ICDE is delighted to welcome this important single mode distance education institution to its ranks. NTI is the largest institution in the world dedicated to teacher education through open and distance learning.

The National Teachers’ Institute is dedicated to in-service education for teachers and has also made a decisive breakthrough in providing leadership in teacher education delivery through the distance learning system.  It is the only dedicated open and distance learning Institution for teacher education in the world, and is a pillar of public education in Nigeria.

The Institute has also distinguished itself in the continuing professional development of teachers including the annual one week-long nationwide capacity building workshop for teachers under the Millennium Development Goals Project.

NTI Teachers’ Radio 102.1 Fm is another initiative aimed at improving quality.

The Institute has tremendously assisted many serving teachers by offering them the opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills without abandoning their classrooms, or without compelling employers to engage replacement teachers when their teachers have to leave their posts in pursuit of full time study. 

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8 March 2010 

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