Innovating Pedagogy 2012: New report from Open University, UK

ICDE member institution, the Open University UK, has recently published a report entitled Innovating Pedagogy that addresses new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world to guide educators and policy makers in making informed decisions about curriculum design, course development and teaching strategies.


The report has been written by a small group of academics in the Institute of Educational Technology and the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology at The Open University. It is based on knowledge acquired from leading research projects, reading and writing educational research papers and blogs, holding conversations with colleagues worldwide, and surveying published and unpublished literature. 

The 2012 report proposes 10 innovations in pedagogy:

  • New pedagogy for e-books, Innovative ways of teaching and learning with next-generation e-books
  • Publisher-led short courses, Publishers producing commercial short courses for leisure and professional development
  • Assessment for learning, Assessment that supports the learning process through diagnostic feedback
  • Badges to accredit learning, Open framework for gaining recognition of skills and achievements
  • MOOCs, Massive open online courses
  • Rebirth of academic publishing, New forms of open scholarly publishing
  • Seamless learning, Connecting learning across settings, technologies and activities
  • Learning analytics, Data-driven analysis of learning activities and environments
  • Personal inquiry learning, Learning through collaborative inquiry and active investigation
  • Rhizomatic learning, Knowledge constructed by self-aware communities adapting to environmental conditions 

To view the full version of the report, please click on the image below, or alternatively download from the Open University website.

Open University website

3 October 2012

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