22nd ICDE World Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 3-6 2006

The ICDE World Conference is established as one of the leading educational events worldwide. The event aims at bringing together professionals from all over the world in order to debate and present current initiatives within the field of ICT-based education.

                                                                                                                                                                                  The Brazilian Association for Distance Education, a non-profit scientific society devoted to the development of Distance Education, will host the 22nd ICDE World Conference in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 3-6 September 2006.

The Conference Theme is: “Promoting Quality in Online, Flexible and Distance Learning”. Approximately 500 papers, from 60 different countries, have been received and evaluated by the International Program Committee. The proposals have been categorized under 4 different main themes based on different research studies within distance– and ICT-based education:

  • The Value of Distance, Flexible and ICT-based Education;
  • Promoting Educational Quality;
  • Institutional Quality Issues and Research
  • New Developments.

By August 2006, around 900 participants had already registered to participate in this event.

The Conference Organizing Committee is in charge of the President of ABED, Prof. Fred Litto from the host institution.  The ICDE has spent much time preparing for this conference.

29 August 2005

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